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Night Vision Service and Repair

NightOps Tactical is committed to bringing end users the best service and quality possible. 

We recommend all ground-based night vision systems are serviced and inspected by a professional annually. This allows NightOps to assure the end user that their night vision device will last as long as possible. 

These services include a rebuild of the unit while inspecting/replacing old or worn-out O-rings and seals as well as inspect housings for micro-fractures that could undermine the air-tight seal and nitrogen purge that it originally had. Losing an air-tight seal means that the night vision device is susceptible to moisture or debris getting inside the housing that can potentially have catastrophic effects on the functionality of the night vision device. 

We offer these services for free on our systems within the life of the warranty and will happily handle other manufacture's night vision devices as well. Reach out to with any questions you may have or if you would like to get your NVD serviced.


Contact: or call 916-791-6360 x 102